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We just received our pictures from the Bar Mitzvah, and happy memories are flooding back.  It was such a great night and we could not have done it without you and your team.  From our initial meeting, through the planning phase, and finally to waving goodbye the night of the party, Carolyn's Creationz made the entire Bar Mitzvah party experience stress free.  You listened to our ideas and turned them into MORE than we had hoped for.  Moreover, you heard what Morgan wanted and made him feel part of the process.  Not once did you make us feel that we had to buy something or do something; You were respectful of our budget.  To be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to work with a party planner, but I am so glad we did, and specifically I'm glad we chose you.  The night was perfect and I got to enjoy my family, friends and the event itself!  Without hesitation, I would recommend Carolyn's Creationz and can't wait to book you for our next Mitzvah in 2021. 
 With Kindness, 
~ Holly Bromer
We loved working with the Creationz Crew for our son Jacob’s Mitzvah.  Carolyn took my crazy Nike neon swoosh “J” idea and brought it to life in the grandest way.  From the splatter paint covered tables to the neon glowing room, every detail was amazing.  We loved the wrapped dance floor too.  What a statement it made as our guests entered the room.  We were so pleased in every way!  Carolyn is great to work with, very creative and doesn’t miss a detail!
~ Alyson🙂
Oh, what a night! I need to give a HUGE shout out to Carolyn Levy Liccardi of Carolyns Creationz and her entire CREW! This was our 2nd Mitzvah with Carolyn and she completely out did herself. The evening was more than we could have imagined. From beginning to end - Carolyn and her team were so fun to work with and so professional; there was not one detail that was missed. Most importantly Max had the BEST night.  Thank you!
~ Amy and Ben Cohen
Carolyn....what can I say???  We’ve come a long way from our Wayne, NJ days!!  I’ve know you my whole life so there was not a question in my mind that i wouldn’t trust you with my pride and joy Blake’s Bar Mitzvah day!!!  You are absolutely AMAZING!!!  There was a lot of blood sweat and even tears this past year but You brought my vision of bringing an ice hockey rink into Boca West and you did it with flying colors!!!  You and your Carolyn Creationz crew and AMAZING vendors are ALL ridiculously ALL blew me away!!!  I was speechless when I first saw that room...all I could do was cry HAPPY tears of course (hope I didn’t ruin my make-up)!!!  I told myself I wouldn’t go through this all over again in a few years for Peri but you really made everything look so easy so without a doubt I can’t wait to do it all over again with you in 4 years!!  Bring on the Bat Mitzvah!!!!  I cannot thank you enough for being so patient with me  and being there for me through it all!!! You were definitely on the ball and answered every text and every call wheather I had a question or just wanted to freak out :).  I love you!!!!
~ Jamie and Rob Stein
Carolyn, you and your crew are amazing. First class from A to Z. NOTHING was missed. I can not thank you enough for making our special weekend so memorable.  If any of you reading this ever need help planning an event, in my opinion, there is only ONE company to work with.....Carolyn's Creationz...
~ Stephen and Fara Bender​
A great big hug and thanks to Carolyn Levy Licciardi for her vision and sense of fun for designing a room bursting with color that Jamie adored! Friends, if you are looking for any kind of party planning help, you must contact Carolyn at Carolyn's Creationz - she does it all and does it so very well - invites, logos, centerpieces, decor - she can transform a room! 
~ Ami and Henry Steinbock
I can’t thank Carolyns Creationz crew enough. The second mitvah with them and they blew it out of the park. I let them have complete control of the decor and we were blown away, they completely transformed the room. Carolyn's vendor recommendations are the best. You can’t go wrong with anything she does from invites to the day of! Thank you we can’t wait for the next party.
~ Sheryl and Larry Miller
Amazing, wow, incredible, creative, beautiful and OMG are just a few words we'd use to describe Olivia's Bat Mitzvah on 2/24/18! Carolyn you topped anything we've ever seen before. From day one when you sat down with Olivia and I with a piece of paper and a marker and asked her if she had an idea of what she envisioned for her Bat Mitzvah and her logo, I knew we were in great hands You were patient and so creative as Olivia said, I like butterflies, rainbows and soccer. I was blown away when you sent me the logo you designed. Olivia loved it as it incorporated all of her favorites. Then on to the room decor...the rainbow popcorn for the kids' table, Olivia's logo on the stack tables and then we discussed the center pieces - we were excited and tried to imagine what it would look like. Pink and purple water beads in glass vases with lit up boxes on top that would have Olivia's logo and her photo shoot pictures. White flowers and some votives on the tables. The candle lighting would be a surprise for all of us. Let Carolyn's creativity go to work! Now we'd have to wait until Olivia's night to see everything come to life, but we knew it'd be worth the wait. You helped us along the way with all of our questions and gave us your honest opinion on ideas that you could have made more money on as a company owner, but instead you recommended that it wasn't necessary. That means so much to us and always will!
Lauren was great in helping us decide on the kids shirt and hoodie sizes, the adult place cards and more. Both of you were available any time we had a question or an update.  You took such great care of us as a family. You were detailed with everything, especially when we talked about Chad's allergies and it being a nut free party.  When we met with Mikey Z you helped us come up with song ideas for our entrances and candle lighting. Not something you had to do, but we appreciated your help and we made a contest out of it. I think you won. ;) You also knew Olivia and her cousin, Hannah were close and shared a lot of the same interests, especially soccer so you wanted to make sure Olivia's party was special and unique for her and you definitely succeeded. The week before the party you surprised me with something special, but it'd be a surprise for Olivia. Her Bat Mitzvah arrives and you're calling me on your way to the other 3 parties you had to make sure everything was going well. You want to make sure that you get to walk us in to see Olivia's dreams come true and you did. We couldn't stop saying, OMG, wow, this is amazing, beautiful as we walked in and around the room.
The rainbow roses were a surprise for Olivia and wow did they look amazing. Then we see the candle lighting display and you outdid yourself again with the soccer field, water beads and Olivia's logo. All the ideas came to light in one room on Olivia's special night. Amazing! A huge thank you for making our baby girl's dreams come true. I honestly never thought I would hire a party planner because I'm creative (to some extent) and have organized parties with favors before, but I could never have pulled this together like Carolyn and her team. Thank you to Carolyn's team for being at the party and making sure we were having the time of our lives.  Very professional! It was worth the money and time to know everything was taken care of and we could enjoy the night with Olivia, family and friends. We can't thank you enough! You definitely "created" and we definitely "celebrated"!
~ Alisa and Sean 
I was so excited to start the planning of my daughters Bat Mitzvah but I didn’t know where to start.  I interviewed several party planners but none of them wowed me.  I didn’t quite connect with the planners or the staff.  Then I met with Carolyn.  I knew from the moment I walked through the doors and was greeted by her warm smile and hug that I was in the right place.  Carolyn was so easy to work with throughout this exciting yet “stressful” time.  She made it so enjoyable and fun with her enthusiasm.  She truly loves what she does!  When it came time to do invitations, Stephanie was incredible!  She understood what was important for my daughter, pink and glitter!  
Throughout the months leading up to the main event, we worked on logos until it was just right.  We worked on centerpieces until it was just right.  We worked on the kids’ area until it was just right.  Carolyn even attended our tasting to make sure we provided our guests with the best options possible.  Carolyn is not only extremely creative but she is also open-minded to the ideas of her clients. The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect.  Carolyn and her crew were there every step of the way.  If I had a concern, I called Carolyn and it was taken care of. 
Carolyn’s staff couldn’t have been more attentive the evening of our daughters Bat Mitzvah.  They were top notch professional making sure everything was running smoothly. The room was an absolute dream come true!  Carolyn understood our vision and made it a reality. I feel so blessed to have had Carolynz Creationz as my Event Planner for one of the most memorable days of our daughter’s life. Thank you Carolyn and your staff for making Olivia’s Bat Mitzvah such a spectacular and unforgettable event!
~ Lauren Joffe
Carolyn's Creations was the event planners for our daughter, Shira's Bat Mitzvah. They did such a great and wonderful job that we can, without any reservation whatsoever, wholeheartedly recommend them for your event. From the initial meeting to the event date, Carolyn and her staff were a pleasure to deal with this. They did everything we needed from choosing the invitations to lining up the different vendors. The invitations came out beautifully and got rave reviews from all that received them. Also when any issue came up with any vendors, Carolyn would not hesitate to assist you in resolving it.
Above all this, where Carolyn'z just "blows you away" is in taking your child's preferred concept or theme and transforming it into a magical delight. The decor of the hall and associated matching party items completely encapsulated my daughter's theme. We recall the joy we felt when we first walked into  the decorated hall and saw my daughter's dream come true. Finally, Carolyn's on site staff made the event flow smoothly. You hardly ever noticed them, yet they were there to take care of all your needs, thus allowing you to enjoy your event with no worries or concerns. We can't wait for our next event so we can hire Carolyn'z again.
~ Saul and Nancy Smolar
As I sit here, sheetcaking in a logo hoodie left behind by some kid who did not show up for my daughter’s bat mitzvah last night, I want to take a few moments to give a public thank you to the amazing team that made Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah last night literally the best day of my life. A friend recommended Carolyn of Carolyn’s Creationz to me, so I went to the mitzvah showcase last fall and met her in person. It was there I learned I was behind the 8-ball. I had no vendors lined up and no clue what to do. I was raised Methodist, and the only bat mitzvah I had ever been to was 30 years before. Carolyn and her team took it from there. Literally, from there. Hector and Monica from Partigliani have proven to be so genuinely wonderful to work with. They brought out a side of Maddie I have rarely ever seen and really captured her in our pre-shoots and yesterday. Their team’s professionalism is top notch. And both my hubby and I are in customer service professions so I notice and value how companies treat us. They treated us like old friends. Their work on the montage and intro and sign in book was flawless. Their photos from last night are stunning. Michael Sarz of Sarz Entertainment led a party that was so pumped people literally cried when the music stopped (ok, that may have been my drunk mother-in-law). Carolyn brought me both of those people, and I so enjoyed working with them and will without question use them again for my next two mitzvahs.
I have always had a philosophy to let creative people create. No one tells me how to do my job, so (I hope) I never told Carolyn and her wonderful staff how to do theirs. Maddie and I gave them our general vision, and they took it on. And boy did they create. And they hit the target at the bullseye. They exceeded even my wildest expectations, answering my dumb rookie questions without laughing (to my face anyway), handling last minute requests with patience and grace, and making a game day call to throw out the floor plan for the good of the vision. Having these people focused on the “party” allowed me to focus on the religious aspects of the day, and the rite of passage that we all experienced as a family. While many of my friends planning mitzvahs run around worried about this or that, my biggest worry was how to fit into my dress (insider tip, strapless ain’t easy as a 43 year old mother of three). I am in many ways still literally speechless at what they brought to life for Maddie, so I will just say that I will miss chatting with Stephanie and Carolyn - they are so much more than people I hired.
~ Deanna and Howard Shullman
Hurricane Irma may have postponed our original bar mitzvah date, and TS Philippe attempted to ruin our rescheduled party by spawning a tornado just a couple of miles from our venue, but we stood BAR MITZVAH STRONG! We could not have done it without the extraordinary work of Carolyn Levy Licciardi and her staff at Carolyn's Creationz. From coordinating Bar Mitzvah Part 1 to re-coordinating Bar Mitzvah Part 2, she and her team were the key to making it happen. Though my husband and all of his personas and I drove her nuts, she somehow kept us grounded. (And we also had one heck of a hurricane evacuation road trip!) Her magnificent talent of taking an idea and turning it into a reality is simply magical. The room decor was breathtaking. I literally started shaking when I walked in because I was completely overcome with emotion.
~ Bonnie and Heath Schultz 

We have attended several events that were run by Carolyn's Creations and were very impressed each time. Not only was the entertainment and decor superb, we learned from the hosts of the parties that CC left them free to enjoy the night unencumbered with any problems. CC took care of everything. I know who I'm calling for my next event!
~ Maria Botwin
Carolyn and her team know how to put on a show! To be honest, I chose Carolyn solely based on reviews that I saw online. I didn't have anyone I personally knew who used her expertise, but when I saw pictures... I KNEW she was THE one to help me plan my son's bar mitzvah. During the planning stage, she was always available to talk, was extremely helpful, positive, honest and straightforward.  Before the event she was in constant contact with the venue, DJ, photographer...etc. She (of course) knew everyone and got along with every vendor I hired. If she said she was doing something, she did it and then bumped it up a notch! My centerpieces were amazingly different, the kid's area was jaw dropping, the candy bar was delightfully overflowing , the decor and signs looked like they were out of a movie set, perfect in every way. After the event I had an over abundance of texts and phone calls complimenting my party. I really couldn't take credit. My answer was always the same... "It wasn't me, it was Carolyn." Like I stated, I didn't know Carolyn, but I felt like she got me...she listened! I was treated more like a sister and not a client. I truly wish I had another party for her to work her magic. I will just have to look for another milestone to celebrate- just to get an excuse to be WOWED again.
~ Melanie Deck
Carolyn and her crew were fantastic. They handled every detail, which enabled our family to be present and enjoy this amazing milestone. In the days and months leading up to the event, Carolyn was a clear and responsive communicator. She listened to our ideas, respected our budget and was fun to work with! We would definitely recommend using Carolyn and her team. 
~ Debby and Will Gans
Here's a little Bar Mitzvah story that could have ended in many ways but ended up being the most fantastic night:
So I had 2.5 months to pull together a last minute Bar Mitzvah Party for my son William ( who originally wanted a trip but then changed his mind). I searched, I googled, I was this gonna happen?? Luckily, I came across Carolyn Creationz. The next day I took the hour+ drive out to meet Carolyn, rummage through her amazing warehouse full of inspiration and begin the Bar Mitzvah party process.  I get there and it was immediate relief: she took over and the Creationz team- Lauren , Mike and Luis pulled together a party with unbelievable decor, fantastic dessert table and every activity that William requested. My photos speak for themselves but all I can say is that our night was perfect, my vision was played out to perfection and it would not have happened if I didn't find Carolyn and her Crew. 
Thank you. With love, and Fam (Kara Shaoul)
Anyone that knows me knows that I am really not good at delegating or turning over my control. I planned and bought everything thinking I was going to do this all by myself.  In hind sight I can honestly say that was not a good idea LOL. They say things happen for a reason , when Lindsay quit at the Fountains CC just 3 months before my party and the poor communication they had freaked me out, that's when I finally realized it was time to let go and let a professional take over and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing friend who has a fantastic company. Carolyn Licciardi, you and your team at Carolyn's Creationz truly left me speechless for the first time in my life !!! You stepped in effortlessly and kept me calm and I was trusting of all of you so much.
You took my vision and you brought it to life exactly the way I was going to do but even better and I can't thank all of you enough. But what I didn't know then and what I do know now is it that working with you and your team is bigger than just creating and decorating. The day of you and Laurie made me calm, you made sure I ate, you made sure I had a drink in my hand , you handled all of the issues at the venue (and there were alot )without me knowing what was happening until after the party, I can go on and on and on. I really can't thank you enough and I will never ever forget walking into the room for the first time. I LOVED the sign you made for the kids area and the BEAUTIFUL CANDLELIGHTING, the topper for my kids centerpieces , the cocktail hour , and the second logo for the dance floor and the amazing step and repeat. The Instagram photo booth was so much fun and the pics are so cool. By the way I did see my daughter run over and squeeze you in happiness !! You really made her day and that's most important to me ~ xo
~ Renee Young
Carolyn's Creationz is simply the BEST!!  I let Carolyn and her crew handle pretty much everything from invitations to entertainment to day of coordinating.  Everyone was just so easy to work with. I never had to worry about a thing. It's the way mitzvah planning is supposed to be! Seeing the party room for the first time was jaw dropping. We were all just blown away. It was STUNNING! I couldn't believe it was MY party!  My daughter's bat mitzvah was nothing short of amazing thanks to Carolyn and the Creationz Crew!
~ Ricia Lesk
I have to give a big shout out to Carolyn and her staff for everything that they did for me and my sons Bar Mitzvah this past weekend. From the very first time I spoke to Carolyn about doing our decor, she put me at ease. In fact, she was the only decorator that I spoke to that actually followed up and gave me a quote when promised and returned calls promptly. Carolyn, you made Ethan's outer space dream come true and over delivered on every promise made. You took our idea and ran with it making the room look amazing from the custom table cloths to the fantastic center pieces the hanging stars and planets and then the draping of the black hole was out of this world(pun intended).You couldn't have been any easier to work with if you tried. Thank you so much for the perfect decorations and being so wonderful to work with.
~ Amy Gabay
I am extremely grateful to Carolyn and her entire crew for all their hard work in planning my son’s Detroit-themed Bar Mitzvah celebration.  They helped bring the “motor city” right here to South Florida.  Carolyn is very professional.  I can honestly say that she was available day and night to answer any questions.  Laurie helped pick out my son’s beautiful acrylic invitation.  Lauren did a great job with my place cards, party favors, hotel baskets and various “logo” items.  The party room was lovely—filled with white flowers and candles.  My favorite part of the décor was our faux brick walls covered with black and white photos of Detroit.  Thank you being a part of my family’s simcha!
~ Krut Family
I engaged Carolyn & Carolyn's Creationz for our son's Event Planner & Decor. Carolyn and her team are true professionals. She took my idea and transformed it into reality. Since my son would rather be outdoors kayaking or fishing than inside dancing, they created a room where he felt very comfortable. She did the impossible--she created the vision I wanted while staying within the budget we had given her!
~ Gina Blatt
Carolyn and her staff were truly amazing! She took my vision and made it bigger and better than what I had originally imagined for my daughters Bat Mitzvah. All while relieving me of any stress and making the whole experience so enjoyable. We loved working with Carolyn's Creationz so much, we already booked them for my sons Bar Mitzvah in 2019!
~ Courtney Klein 
THANK YOU so much to Carolyn's Creationz for making my son's Bar Mitzvah party the most beautiful and unforgettable evening. The decor, centerpieces, favors, kid's lounge and more were amazing and my guests were blown away when they walked in the room. The transformation was incredible!! Carolyn and her team were available every step of the way, providing solutions and remaining flexible throughout the process to meet our needs and make sure we were 100% happy.  I was so impressed with their creativity, professionalism, and flawless execution.  You and Lauren took care of every detail and I could completely focus on enjoying my party.  If you are having an event, I highly recommend Carolyn's Creationz.  I assure you they will exceed your expectations and you will be so ecstatic you selected them. I am certainly grateful and thrilled that I did!!
~ Elisa Glazer
"Whether it was her big smile or her huge embraces, we knew immediately who was going to take the reins of our daughter’s biggest day. We had ideas of what we wanted for our party and our daughter definitely had an idea of what she wanted. It took Carolyn all of 2 minutes to calm us down and start putting a game plan together. She took out a pad and pen, yes people still use those, and started game planning our ideas into a single collective theme on what we wanted. There was nothing in the way of backtalk or pushback, just deciphering what we wanted and translating it to how the room was going to look and contain. Carolyn listened and interpreted what we were looking for and was able to put it down on paper. She took us inside her warehouse and started brainstorming, putting together a blue print of what things were going to look like, what candy we wanted on the candy table, what color water beads we wanted, what props did we want. It was truly wonderful to have someone who could take our ideas and flesh them out.
With the colors and theme that were chosen, Carolyn somehow made it feminine as well as powerful, combining our daughter’s love of soccer with a truly unique color scheme that would certainly challenge any one to make work. Needless to say, not only did Carolyn succeed, she went so far beyond what we had thought could work that we literally had our breath taken away upon entering the room. Hannah was so amazing and excited she literally jumped into Carolyn’s arms and gave her the biggest hug. From the soccer candles on a field of grass for the candle lighting, to the amazing candy table, to the personalized soccer ball and “H” center pieces sitting on top of glass vases filled with neon pink and green water beads and then the kicker, the pink and green table cloths with roses that caused everyone to flip out. We could have not been any more blown away!
No matter how great the room looked, and it did look spectacular, you are only as good as the people who you work with and employ. This is what really separated Carolyn from every planner we had heard about in the past. Carolyn’s Creationz is a family with people who greatly care for each other and it shows with how they interact with each other and more importantly with the customer. There was NEVER a request that was notfulfilled. We wanted a place card/take home gift that was not edible, something that would be gone before the evening ended, we wanted to give a permanent reminder to our guests of our special night. Lauren, Carolyn’s right hand, came up with the brilliant idea of a stemless wine glass etched with our daughter’s logo on it, and then there were the
black hoodies with her logo for the kids that we keep seeing on her friend’s (and ours) social media posts. Our guests are still talking about how the room looked and gifts that can be used on a daily basis. Truly epic!
To sum up our experience with Carolyn and her band of characters was one of utter joy and appreciation. What could have been a very stressful night could not have been a more enjoyable and memorable night for our entire family thanks to Carolyn and Laurie, who stayed with us the entire night. Her crew really stepped up and took over all the details of the night and allowed us to enjoy every aspect. That was truly what allows us to recommend Carolyn’s Creationz with the strongest possible endorsement for anyone to embrace and allow them to create the memories that will last forever. Carolyn, we can’t thank you enough!
~ Schoenwater Family
Carolyn's Creationz was amazing. Throughout the process of planning, she was always accessible and kept me on a time line to prepare for the big night. What I appreciated the most, was how well she listened to what I wanted to create and truly helped keep me in my budget. The room looked fabulous and the night ran smoothly. Could not have asked for more. Thank you, Carolyn!!!!
~ Mindy Haskin
"After a 9-month attempt to plan my son’s Bar Mitzvah, I called Carolyn. I knew Carolyn was a party planner, but I resisted calling her because I didn’t think I had the money in my budget to hire one. How wrong I was! Hiring Carolyn’s Creationz was the BEST decision I made.
Benjamin is a very unique child, and I already had a theme in mind (Benjamin for President). She took my idea and RAN! Her time, expertise, and professional connections truly allowed me to get the biggest bang for my buck, so to speak. The peace of mind Carolyn provided me was priceless.
Thank you to Laurie for being such a great on-site person. She made sure everything that day went smoothly, and the things that didn’t Laurie took care of without me even knowing. Every member of her Crew went above and beyond to help make Benjamin’s party the best it could be within our budget.….that is truly a gift for a nervous Bar Mitzvah mom like me.
In addition to the orchestration of the event (that is an understatement), Carolyn’s Creationz provided an awesome photobooth, gorgeous candy bar (with custom sign), custom candle lighting display, t-shirts, backpacks, and cups. All were beyond my expectations!
~ Nikki Cohen
Now that we have had time to digest everything that occurred on May 14, 2016, we need express to you our most sincere gratitude for making Jana’s Bat Mitzvah nothing short of spectacular! During our planning, you listened with an open mind and an open heart taking note of Jana’s vision and our budget! Your ideas were spot on and the execution was incredible. We never knew that a neon night club could be taken as far as you took it!  The centerpieces were gorgeous – modern and stylish.  The linens were the perfect neon colors.  The glowing place cards were adorable.  The sand-filled candle lighting display was exactly what we were looking for.  The kids lounge and façade were flawless.  The t-shirt and drawstring bag favors were a huge hit!  All of your special touches added so much to our special night.  You are a creative genius and your passion is evident in everything you do!
Thank you so much for the hard work that you and the entire Carolyn’s Creationz crew dedicated to us.  Thank you for caring so much about making Jana’s night a success.  Thank you for being such a special person.
~ Robin Polsky
"We are beyond words! On Cloud 9! Stayed up reminiscing and eating bagel boxes/desserts until we each fell asleep. Woke up this morning exhausted but replaying the day in our heads. We are so eternally grateful to have been able to rely on your friendship, professionalism, talent, organization, and vision! We are so thankful for the above and beyond surprises and gifts you showered upon our family! It was more than we ever imagined but just what we wanted! A meaningful day of love and family and pride and tradition which is what is was all about for us! And on top of that which would have been Dayenu, enough, you and all of your staff at Carolyn's Creationz worked diligently and lovingly to give us a Shabbat of fun, food, joy, music, and the opportunity to celebrate with those we love without having to worry about even one small detail! We were in the moment thanks to you and that will always be in our hearts!
~ Rabbi Frattello and Rabbi Tract
The candy buffet, party favors, custom pillows for lounge area & Ryan's logo were designed & orchestrated by Carolyn's Creationz.. Your "team" was so patient despite the kids getting a bit wild & I was so impressed with your ability to always think "outside the box" which I love! Your staff deserves a medal for hanging in there so well!
~ Rachael Eidelkind
Carolyn and her Crew are amazing! Creative, professional, polished. We basically just had to tell her what theme we wanted and boom! Instant amazing bar mitzvah that delighted everyone in the room! She was willing to work within my budget and never pressured us to spend more. I could tell that she and her whole team took tremendous pride in getting every detail right.
~ Jorie Mark
For those who say why hire a planner? Talk to me. I can give you 101 reasons. Why hire this planner? Because she is THE BEST! I can honestly say that I did not have to worry about a single thing. Day of the event? Got a mani and pedi and even had down time ALONE! I was a cool as a cucumber..I didn't have to worry about a thing! Every single detail was on point AND our decor was absolutely breathtaking! Her crew handled all of the arrangements, which included the most incredible entertainment company, Z-Entertainment Group! Top notch EVERYTHING! This woman is my sister for life! To say that I love her is an understatement! Generous, kind, warm, talented...THE BEST! Her crew, especially Lauren and Stephanie provided me with the best favors and the most incredible service and event support! Jerry, Jake and I thank you all for helping to make this one of the most special days of our lives! We love you!
~ Liz Wurms
"Words alone can not even explain how grateful we are to Carolyn and her crew for the amazing Bat Mitzvah party put together for Alexa. You went above and beyond to make sure everything was absolutely perfect! There was no detail left undone and Alexa had a huge smile on her face all night! Thank you all for all of your hard work! It is truly appreciated!"
~ Sue Braxton
First of all I can't even put into words how freaking amazing the entire room and decorations were!! You completely outdid yourself! Your team is top notch and I couldn't have been more amazed, surprised and overwhelmed at how amazing everything turned out! Love you so much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤❤ we love you and can't wait to start planning the cinco de mayo fiesta 🎉🎉2018 baby! 😘❤❌⭕❌⭕❌⭕"
~ Melissa Proper
Thank you so much Carolyn Licciardi for making the most beautiful party!!! You have an incredible talent for bringing a vision to life. I keep looking and looking at the photos because it was such a pretty room and I still can't get over it. The Bake Shoppe was like a dessert dream!!
~ Naomi Hoffman
Carolyn, I can't put it in to words not yet anyway. Joel came in to my room last night and said, "Please tell Carolyn for me that she did an amazing job and it was the best party I've ever been to. It was legit...he said, "I'm too emotional now, but I have to say that my boys were thrilled...they loved every detail including the tiny left nothing out and whatever I had envisioned was beyond.The boys said all their friends said it was the best Bar Mitzvah they'd been to and even the grown kids loved the theme and how colorful and tasteful and fabulous everything looked. The games were perfect. Your staff was amazing! Thank you... it's just not enough to say!
~ Paula Bernstein
I am not the type to get excited about these things and didn't particularly enjoy the planning, but December 19, 2015 was one of the most exciting days of my life! Our decor was done by Carolyn at Carolyn's Creationz. She made the room beautiful with my daughter's pink and green color scheme. She went above and beyond with every detail and there was nothing she didn't think of. Her staff was top notch and worked tirelessly to make the event go off without a hitch. She also provided the most amazing s'mores bar anyone has ever seen! We had them plan the brunch the next day and her staff went above and beyond what I expected of them. They swooped in and took charge and it was exactly what I needed and wanted. They were awesome!
~ Jamie Kulberg
I'm still speechless of what you did for Evan's bar mitzvah!!! Above and beyond what I could have asked for. You and your whole team are simply amazing. You are truly so talented and top notch. I can't thank you enough!!!
~ Andrea Carson
I cannot thank you enough for handling every detail of Danny's Bar Mitzvah. Everything was perfect! I was able to relax and enjoy the party. The room looked amazing. Even better than I had pictured in my mind. No detail was overlooked- whether large or small. You and Lauren worked tirelessly to make sure that we were happy. The personal attention that you gave is unparalleled in this business. I didn't have to worry about anything. I felt like I made two new friends in you and Lauren. I'm thrilled how everything turned out! And no one can stop talking about the wall!!!! See you in three years for Abby's!
~ Alison Chaiet
"Perfection is the word I would use to describe Cassie's Bat Mitzvah. I enjoyed the entire process and love how you took our original theme and evolved it into what became Camp Cassie. The campy chic decor was gorgeous from the linens, flower arrangements, the logo, the favors, Cassie's canteen and the facade to the lounge were beyond anything that I could have imagined. I can't tell you how well Laurie took care of us throughout the night. I literally was able to enjoy my guests and party without a worry or thought. Mikey Z and his team were amazing. Cassie had the time of her life. I can't tell you the compliments I recieved from every guest about the details that made everything so perfect. We can't wait to do it all over again in 18 months for Rikki!!! I can't thank your entire team enough for helping with the entire day including the luncheon at the temple. Special shout out to Slim and Laurie for wrapping the party up and getting us home so quickly. xoxo
Lisa Siegel
"Carolyn and her Creationz team did a spectacular job planning, designing, and executing my children's B'nai Mitzvah. From the minute I met Carolyn I new she was the one. Her personality exudes happiness and that is what I wanted to feel throughout the planning process. She is very creative and a fantastic decision maker, which made the process a pleasure. Carolyn has a keen sense for design and knew exactly what we needed to transform a blah room into a nightclub. Every decision and recommendation that she made was right on target. She is truly a one stop shop! I used her people for photography, music, favors, candy bar, other entertainment (robots, glitter tattoos) and for our photo booth. They were all amazing and a pleasure to work with.
I am still smiling a week later just thinking about it. I love how Carolyn was there from the beginning up until the end of the process to listen to ideas and to collaborate, she truly wants your party to be exactly what you want and will do anything to make you happy. I was able to walk into my party and know that every detail was taken care of. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found such a fantastic person to help plan this very special day. My kids B'nai Mitzvah was one of the best days of my life thanks to Carolyn and her Creationz staff.
~ Ashley Popiel 
Carolyn and her staff were a pleasure to work with in planning my daughter's Bat mitzvah. Since we were planning to travel to Israel to celebrate, we didn't want a big to-do. Carolyn was great about understanding the simple but elegant theme that I was hoping for and she achieved it perfectly. Even with four other events happening the same weekend, she managed to make sure that all the details were taken care of and that our party was her #1 priority. I would definitely use Carolyn's Creationz again for my next event!
~ Shoshana Davidowitz
"I am not the type to get excited about these things and didn't particularly enjoy the planning, but December 19, 2015 was one of the most exciting days of my life! Our decor was done by Carolyn at Carolyn's Creationz. She made the room beautiful with my daughter's pink and green color scheme. She went above and beyond with every detail and there was nothing she didn't think of. Her staff was top notch and worked tirelessly to make the event go off without a hitch. She also provided the most amazing s'mores bar anyone has ever seen! We had them plan the brunch the next day and her staff went above and beyond what I expected of them. They swooped in and took charge and it was exactly what I needed and wanted. They were awesome!"
~ Jamie Kolberg
Words really can't describe how amazing Carolyn and her team were for our son's bar mitzvah in Jupiter, FL! We are absolutely blown away with the professionalism and organization she created for our big day! There is no question...we will be using Carolyn's Creationz again!!!
~ Angie Fisher
Carolyn and Carolyn's Creationz Crew, we can't thank you enough for all the hard work you and your team did to make Justin's bar mitzvah baseball theme everything we wanted it to be and more!! Everything was just amazing and beautiful. From the candy station to Justin's Dugout Every detail was there and we loved it!! Couldn't have done it without you!"
~ Zuly Wachs
"100% happy! Working with Carolyn was an amazing experience for my son's Bar Mitzvah. She was professional; kept on budget and absolutely captured what we wanted. My son was smiling ear to ear the entire party! Thank you so much! We will be working again with Carolyn for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah in 2018!
~ Carol DeGregorio
"When I first met with Carolyn to discuss some ideas and see if she could help me with our son Evan’s Bar Mitzvah, I was immediately impressed by how she just took the theme and ran with it! When we arrived that night at the venue, I walked in and literally started to cry! She and her team transformed a vintage gymnasium into an unbelievable space that surpassed my expectations! From the centerpieces to the candy bar and everything in between, it was all just perfect! She is professional, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with! I’m already excited thinking about what she’ll do for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in a few years!"
~ Nicole Kornblum
I do not even know where to begin! When I hired you over a year ago, I thought that I would “lean” on you for just a few simple “signs” at my son’s bar mitzvah or maybe help just the “day of”. You kept saying I could use you “as much or as little, as I needed”… I loved your “no pressure” attitude! As time went on, I realized how incredibly FULL SERVICE you are and how INCREDIBLY NECESSARY you were to our planning and execution!
You are a creative, organized professional and a Master at all you do! You negotiated prices at our venue and with all of our vendors (saving us tons of money)! You made amazing decorations and centerpieces that were the exact vision I mentioned to you months earlier! You even found solutions to all of our “wants” that seemed impossible- all while keeping everything UNDER our budget! You even went on to handle our Kiddush food and Sunday brunch- again with class, sophistication and saving us money and headaches!
The weekend was incredible for our Bar Mitzvah boy and our entire family! Nothing went wrong and we could relish in the celebration without a worry – ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and YOUR TEAM! You fixed all the mistakes that others made and never even told us about it (until I prodded you a week AFTER the amazing event)! We are so happy that your attention to detail caught numerous “day of” mistakes before our guests arrived!
You and your Creationz Crew made our Mitzvah PERFECT! Thank you! Thank you!
~ Heidi Rosenberg
I wanted to thank Carolyn and the whole Creationz Crew for the wonderful job they did in helping me prepare for my children's B'nai Mitzvah.  She took my ideas and created an event way beyond what I ever imagined.  As the planner of both a day and night party, she handled every detail leaving me to enjoy rather than worry if everything would get done.  As a designer, she turned our party into a wonderland of beauty truly meshing the styles of both my son and my daughter.  I recommend Carolyn and her company to anyone planning an event.  She will always have a place in my heart.
~ Beth Abrams
Carolyn is a real perfectionist and does a beautiful job. She is great to work with. She makes sure all the details are attended to. The decor she did for my son's bar mitzvah was exactly what we wanted. All of her other recommendations were exactly right. You cannot go wrong if you need help party planning!
~ Laurie Rothman
Thank you again to Carolyn and her team....amazing, talented, creative, positive energy, kind, and most important selflessness of giving back!!! Awesome Holiday "Creationz " candy buffet.....xoxo
~ Karen Berardino
Carolyn and her team did an amazing job for our daughter Sydney's Bat Mitzvah! The time and care they took in planning and creating this day is greatly appreciated! Carolyn tailored the party to our daughter's personality and that's so important! Our family couldn't be happier!!! Thank you! Thank you!
~ Trisha Rott
Carolyn and her team did an amazing job. What a beautiful and fun night. One for the record books.
~ Jeff Trynz
Thank you for the awesome professional job you created for our wedding!!! Coordinating with our kosher caterers and service staff ensured that a wonderful time for all was had !!! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.
With love,
~ Amie & Steven
What a pleasure working with Carolyn and Lauren. From start to finish it was an amazing ride. We will miss our daily conversations and planning sessions. No complaints about anything it was all wonderful!!
~Dora Moscovitch 
Everything looked beautiful and we were so happy. Carolyn and her team are the best!! They made the process exciting and fun from the beginning and Carolyn will treat your party as if it was her own. This is a day we will cherish always. Thank you!!!
~ Laura Herman Madden
My son's Bar Bitzvah was so incredible due to the fantastic job by Carolyn's Creationz. I was very pleased with the professionalism as well as the creativity they put into my son's party. They certainly went above and beyond what I thought I needed and wanted. Everyone who attended was blown away.
~ Rachel Frydman
Carolyn and her staff from Carolyn's Creationz are truly FABULOUS! Carolyn's Creationz made my wedding day so special and helped my ideas become a reality. They helped me through the somewhat stressful process of planning a wedding and were always able to solve challenges that arose in a snap! Having them there on wedding day completely put my mind at ease because I knew everything would be perfect with these ladies watching over everything! I highly recommend Carolyn's Creationz for your next special occasion! They will exceed your expectations!
~Stephanie Quinto 
I don't even know where to begin...We had the MOST incredible evening Saturday night at my son's Bar Mitzvah, and there is NO WAY it would have happened without Carolyn and her Crew from Carolyn's Creationz! It was EXACTLY how I had envisioned it. They were such a pleasure to work with, they were so organized, creative and professional... I knew that we were in great hands and I truly never worried about a thing when it came to the planning. THAT is priceless! Thank you for ALL your HARD work and creating an evening that we will ALL never forget. The Cohen Family highly reccomends Carolyn's Creationz. :-)
~ Amy Cohen
Carolyn's Creationz is super creative and by far one of the most efficient & organized event planners we have had the privilege of working with. Their attention to detail and ability to execute a flawless and unique event is among the best we have seen!
~ Tammi Lipp
Carolyn's Creationz was able to create everything we wanted, and add special touches to make the centerpieces even more special! They were exactly what my daughter wanted!!!
~Jaime Shapiro 
Carolyn, thanks for everything. We cannot express to you both enough how wonderful of a job you did creating the decor for Samantha's Bat Mitzvah. Everything was perfect. It was exactly what we ordered and envisioned. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased we were with everything. You narrowed our stress level to a minimum as we knew we never had to worry about your end. You were on time and everything was set and ready to go with more then enough time to spare. As I am in the business of catering and am also an extremely detail oriented streamlined person, these kind of compliments are hard to come by for me. You created the perfect ambiance for what turned out to be the perfect party for Samantha's special day. To put a smile on her face brightens our day. To see her reaction to the room was priceless and will brighten my year. Thanks again for all of your hard work and we will be back for Taylor's Bat Mitzvah. You're the best.
~Brian Harris
Carolyn's Creationz is truly amazing! They made the wedding I envisioned become a beautiful reality. Every detail was perfect. They planned quickly when not given a lot of time, and made adjustments when necessary. Their creative ideas are truly impressive, leaving no detail undone. From the first moment of planning to the day of the wedding, everything went smoothly and any concerns or worries I had were washed away by their continuous contact and professionalism. Carolyn, thank you for making our wedding beautiful!! I am truly thankful to you and your staff for everything!! I highly recommend Carolyn's Creationz for any event!!
~ Meg Nagel
Our experience with Carolyn's Creationz was nothing short of outstanding. We consulted with Carolyn long distance to plan our son's bar mitzvah. We were truly amazed at how well she was able to orchestrate our event, find resources for us in a pinch, and provide us with the guidance and support we needed. Without question it was the most fun our family has ever had. It was truly a magical day for our family and we feel the deepest gratitude for their expertise, professionalism, and creativity. We would happily work with Carolyn in the future.
~ Denise Broslaw Pascarelli
Carolyn provided the decor for both of my daughters' Bat Mitzvahs and did an OUTSTANDING job!!! Her ideas are fabulous and her creativity is through the roof!!!
~ Stacey McCrary
Carolyn, her company, and everything they do is outstanding and top notch! You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you Carolyn's Creationz!
~ Meridith Benemio
I have done a lot of projects with Carolyn's Creationz and they always come out great. Carolyn offers unique and personalized service and really care about making sure that her clients are happy.
~Ken Shenkman




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