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Carolyn's Creationz can help plan your event from start to finish. We will visit the venue, negotiate catering, assist in hiring your entertainment and refer photographers. We can also bring games and interactive dessert experiences, provide you with custom swag and design custom decor to match your theme.


There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding; the venue, the flowers, the entertainment, the photographer, the wardrobe. Carolyn's Creationz has experienced Wedding Planners on staff to take care of every last detail, making the planning a fun and memorable experience. We will be there from when you said, "Yes," to when you say, "I do."


Is your company expanding and you want to celebrate? Are you in charge of planning your Holiday Office Party? 



We offer our clients a one-of-a-kind Concession Stand, a 6-foot S'mores Bar, a double-sided Donut Wall and multiple Candy Store options.

SWAG &  FAVOr Displays

Carolyn's Creationz can provide you with the the best custom swag or party favor to fit your event. Our prices will stay within your budget and the possibilites are endless.

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Emmi Hodes 29.jpg


Carolyn's Creationz is a Full Service Event Planning Company specializing in Custom Decor & Design, Favors and Promotional Items. Our team, with over 30 years of combined experience, will assist you with planning your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, Wedding, Sweet 16 or special day. You can feel confident that Carolyn's Creationz will bring that added touch to your once in a lifetime event.

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Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Licciardi, founder and CEO of Carolyn's Creationz, enjoys working one on one with her clients to understand what their event needs are, and having the expertise to bring their "dream party" to life. Carolyn's creativity and keen eye for design makes it possible to take a sketch on a piece of paper and turn it into a reality.  Surrounding herself with a staff that also shares her creativity, knowledge, and experience is one of the key components that has led to her success. 



Gm! It was just beyond all my expectations!! I mean I could not of asked for anything better!! The decor, the detail to make everything the way I wanted, the elegance of the room, the Photo Booth…. Omg the candy station!! Blew me away!! It was just ridiculous amazzzzzing!!   It was incredible!! Ty ty Ty for seeing my vision and making it for me!!  The cookies….. best cookies ever!!!!! Your people!!! Incredible!!! Marilyn was just amazzzZzzzzing!!! She was everywhere, and anything we needed she was there to do!!! Brian was amazing!!! His flowers, decor, all of it was awesome!!  Just was a fun party filled w so much love!! That’s all we could ask for! Then there is you- I drove you crazy, you were so patient w me, you saw what I wanted , you made it happen and exceeded my expectations!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! The BEST night!!  Liat had the most amazzzing time and so did Talia!!!!

Lauren Mizrahi

Now that I’m recovered from the amazing wedding weekend, I have to thank Carolyn Levy Licciardi, the Carolyn’s Creationz crew and BRIAN. OMG, they were all incredible. The flowers were totally outrageous and exactly what we wanted. Jordan’s bouquet was stunning as well as the all of the bridal partys flowers. Brian took the time to make each and every table look beautiful. His attention to detail and creativity is outstanding. They didn’t stop the whole night! He literally made the day run 100% smoothly. He had a specific time line and made sure we stayed on schedule with every single thing from literally 9:00 am- 11:00 pm when the wedding was over. I can NOT thank Carolyn and Brian enough for everything. The day was perfect and I thank you all for it. Carolyn, we all LOVE you so much!!!


WOW!!! What a night! We are finally coming back to reality after our son’s Bar Mitzvah weekend. It’s hard to put into words how amazing it was! The service and the party were just incredible. It was everything we hoped for and more, and we couldn’t have done it without Carolyn’s Creationz.


I met Carolyn at a Bar Mitzvah a year before my son’s Bar Mitzvah. I knew I wanted to work with a party planner and I was impressed that Carolyn’s Creationz does their own decor in house (from flowers to towers and everything in between). From the moment we met, I knew she was my girl. We clicked during our first conversation, and the rest is history. 


From the beginning stages of planning, Carolyn helped secure my venue and vendors. She has so many connections and is very knowledgeable in the industry, which made the process quick and easy. She was always available whenever I called to ask questions (and I had a lot of them throughout the process) or to get her opinion. If she couldn’t answer the phone, I would get a text right away saying she would call me back, and she always did very promptly. It was impressive.


After the initial vendors were booked, there was some time to chill. During that time I followed Carolyn’s Creationz on social media and loved looking at all of the different parties they created every weekend. It still blows my mind that each and every party has it’s own special flare. We couldn’t wait for our turn!


Soon enough it was time to start planning. Being creative and a graphic designer, I love to micromanage every detail. I designed my own graphics, and Carolyn worked seemlessly with me to make sure she had everything she needed to complete my vision. I didn’t even feel the need to micromanage because I trusted them 100%. She had so many fun ideas to make our party unique - including an actual basketball court set up inside the party room!


When we walked into the room, we were blown away! Seeing everying come together was incredible. Our son was beaming! All of the Carolyn’s Creationz crew treated us like family and we truly enjoyed our party to the fullest. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. There were so many crew members there (including our night of planner who did everything we needed - Meg was amazing!). We really felt like guests at our own party. And I have to give a major shout out to Brian, who lived up to his nickname as the "Mitzvah Ninja." He set up my kiddush lunch at the temple with beautiful floral centerpieces, and then made it over to the hotel to set up for the party, including the basketball court, on top of all of the centerpieces and other decor. I’m not sure how he does it, but he’s truly talented and a huge asset.


Carolyn’s team brought my vision to life perfectly! We were so happy with every detail, and had fun with the whole process. And if you are not creative and don’t have a vision - don’t worry because Carolyn’s Creationz can do it all! I’m so glad we chose Carolyn’s Creationz, we will cherish the memories forever and can’t wait for the next party!

Mary Ann Ackerman

Carolyn and her team were amazing to work with for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. From our first meeting at the office with Carolyn and her team, they listened to our ideas and created a vision from there. They helped secure the vendors, took care of all decor, logistics, SWAG, set-up and clean-up, and truly made the process so much less stressful knowing we had a knowledgeable, creative team to help us along the way. The day of the Bar Mitzvah was surprisingly stress-free because they handled EVERYTHING! The room looked amazing and everything came together perfectly. We had the best time and our event planner on-site, Dawn, was there the entire time to make sure every detail was taken care of.  Thank you to Carolyn, Brian, Dawn, and the whole Carolyn’s Creationz team for all of your hard work, creativity, attention to detail, and support! You can tell you truly love what you do! Thank you again for everything! I keep hearing from all my friends and family how amazing everything was. You guys rocked it, and I can't wait for Asher's Bar Mitzvah in Jan. 2026! 


Thank you again for everything!

Tricia Herzfeld

I can’t say enough incredible things about Carolyn and her team. From our very first meeting, Carolyn understood our vibe, our style, and the overall feel my daughter and I wanted to attain.

Being new to South Florida, we put  trust in Carolyn and she executed all of it perfectly. I let her take the lead, yet every opinion and input I gave was recognized and respected. From each recommended vendor, to her incredibly kind and hard-working staff…all were exceptional in every way. My only regret is that Reese is my youngest and I don’t have any more mitzvahs!!

Nicole Damashek

Carolyn, You are a black belt in what you do but more importantly you are a deep caring and empathic person. I cried because of your words that you sent the morning of our event. They meant everything to me. 


Thank you for being who you are too and making it the greatest party Ariana and I could ever imagine! You, your team and your leadership ruled the evening and allowed me to be in the moment and enjoy our special day. Deep gratitude Carolyn. David O was totally correct all along you really are THE BEST !!!!!!

Jamie Huysman

Since it is Thanksgiving, I saved this post for today. Why???? Because I am so thankful and couldn’t think of a better day to express my thankfulness!!!

So as far as party planners, day-of coordinators, decor, and so much more, there is NOBODY else in the “Mitzvah” world other then the GREAT Carolyn Levy Licciardi and her phenomenal team!

From our first meeting (which I was on the way to another company when I called them to get the exact address and was told, “We don’t have an appointment today,” ummmm yes, we did. I write everything down on my calendar like a lunatic, so I know we did. “Well, we can’t see you today.” I panicked and called Carolyn at Carolyn’s Creationz and she said, “I have a full calendar today, but come right now and I will eat lunch later." I knew she was the one. Little did I know I would love her from the start. Why? Because the two of us Jersey girls hit it right off!!!!! I could go on for days and days about how much Carolyn and her team are the best, but I won’t do that because I’m going to let the pispeak for themselves!


Brian Hurwitz, AKA the Mitzvah Ninja, is noooooo joke! He was on point from beginning to end! He made our night the best of our lives!!!! And Chelsea Garrett (first time meeting her was the night of our party) -- she was right next to me the whole night, she knew what I needed before I knew I needed it; and Emily, new to the biz, so sweet and caring!!!

So after this long post, the bottom line is call no other company but Carolyn’s Creationz and save yourself the time and energy and go directly to THE BEST!!!"

Mindy Owens

At the last minute (less than a year in advance) we decided to have a reception for my son's Bar Mitzvah. My husband insisted that we could do all the planning ourselves. When I realized that I was in over my head I called and set up a meeting with Carolyn after being referred to her by a friend. My husband was reluctant to go to the meeting insisting we didn’t need a Party Planner.

When we met, we looked at Carolyn straight in the eye and asked why we needed her. We loved her reply -- “We needed her; we just didn’t know it yet!” We were both quickly sold on Carolyn and Brian’s non-pushy demeanor and easy-going personalities.

To say we needed Carolyn would be an understatement. We were adamant that we wanted a morning service with the reception at night somewhere else. With less than a year away, Carolyn showed us how wonderful a reception at the temple could be. We decided to have the celebration at the temple, only two weeks later to find out our date was double-booked by the synagogue. They didn’t realize they had another event the next day and needed to set the night of our event. Carolyn helped us find another date that would work with the temple and helped us move the photographer and DJ to the new date. She took care of everything!

When we had our meeting for decor and discussed what we wanted and what my son wanted, she asked us if she wanted us to let her "do her thing" or if we wanted to pick all the details with her. It’s a personal preference -- I’m sure some clients want to pick everything out themselves with her help but we didn’t know where to start so we let her and Brian pick everything out.

We were blown away when we saw the room before the party! I would have never picked any of the stuff she picked out myself. We were amazed how beautiful the room looked. It all came together so beautifully! My son wanted a soccer theme with his favorite team; I wanted something pretty. Carolyn kept saying, "We’re doing 'pretty soccer' for you," and that’s what I got -- a pretty room filled with soccer!

Not only did she and her team make sure the room looked beautiful, but they made sure everything went smoothly that day. My nephew, who was very young and could not sit through the entire service was outside with a babysitter; they are from out of town, so he did not know the babysitter. Carolyn saw that things were not going well outside and stepped in herself and entertained my three-year-old nephew through the entire service!

She goes above and beyond her role as a Party Planner. She and her team are truly wonderful people. We are so excited to have her and her team at our younger daughter’s Mitzvah in a few years. When your hire Carolyn's Creationz, you get not just an Event Planner, you're getting everything you need before and during your event to make sure you have the best event!"

Jen Sussman

We had our son’s Bar Mitzvah about 6 weeks ago and we are still on Cloud 9! Admittedly, handing control of the party over to someone else was not that easy for me, but we entrusted Carolyn’s Creationz with our most special event and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. From the initial planning days to the days leading up to our mitzvah, Carolyn and Brian were creative, supportive and attentive, assuring us that we were in good hands and that our event would be a memorable one. The day had arrived and it was flawless. Walking into the room, the set-up and decor left us speechless.


Caroyln and her team incorporated certain things that we had mentioned we liked a year prior that even I had forgotten about, further demonstrating that Carolyn Creationz really listens to their clients. Brian’s timeline of the event was created and executed with perfection, a key aspect to the success of our event. Chelsea from Carolyn’s Creationz was our go-to person at our event, and she was in motion all night. From holding my lipgloss in her pocket, to making sure our glasses were never empty, to keeping us apprised of the timeline, getting the A/C turned down because we were partying too hard, and so much more, I cannot say enough about having Chelsea by our side. We are so grateful to Carolyn’s Creationz for giving us the Mitzvah of our dreams, one that truly exceeded all our expectations.

Rosanna Howe

Thank you so much! We are still on Cloud 9 from Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah! The one thing I kept saying during the planning process was that I wanted the event to be like nothing we had ever seen and to go beyond my expectations. Well… you did that BEYOND! We could not have been happier with everything that happened from beginning to end. I could not imagine doing this without you. From the moment we met you in your office, we knew you were meant to plan this event with us. From constant communication leading up to the big day, to handling every little detail during the party, we didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you for giving us what we didn’t even know we needed or wanted. Your team was #1, and the creativity was beyond my wildest dreams. I guess Isaac and Carolyn's Creationz are the GOATS! You are now like family and we can’t wait to start planning Dylan’s Bat Mitzvah!

Dalia, Adam, Isaac and Dylan Goby

It's been an emotional past few days. If I'm being honest, my mind is still in “Paris” reliving

the experiences of that evening. Memories that will stay with me for a long time... I am

deeply humbled and touched by all the positive feedback and sentiments I have been

receiving from everyone who came out to celebrate with me. As most of you know I planned

this event for an entire year. I put my whole heart into it down to the details of the M&M's.

Along the way, I was blessed to encounter Carolyn Levy Licciardi who took my vision to the

next level and is one of the kindest and most creative people I have ever met in my life. I just don't have enough words to express my gratitude for the way Carolyn got down in the

trenches, rolled up her sleeves, and traveled hours with her crew to make things happen for

me. Carolyn’s hard work and effort toward bringing Paris to Orlando was beyond anything I could

have ever imagined. It was truly remarkable. If I could relive any day over and over

again, it would be this one. I don’t quite have the words to express how grateful I am to

Carolyn for catching my vision as well for coming all this way. You guys truly brought Paris

to Orlando!! I will remember this day for a long time. I love you, Carolyn! You are a creative

genius who makes dreams come true one person at a time! Thank you!

Aleta Ashford

We cannot thank Carolyn and her Crew enough for all their help during the planning of Asher’s Bar Mitzvah! From creating perfect and fun logos, to working with all our vendors until the end, they did it all! Michael and I did not have to worry about one thing knowing that they were always on top of everything. Our day of was perfect, and we did not have to think or worry about anything. When we saw the room for the first time we were blown

away! Every detail was covered and we could enjoy the day to the fullest! Working with Carolyn and her amazing Crew was one of the best decisions we made when planning Asher’s Bar Mitzvah!

Brandee WiniKoff

The best decision I made with the whole Bat Mitzvah was choosing to hire Carolyn's Creationz! Not only are they fun and creative; they are loving and understanding. They made me feel like this was the most special Mitzvah ever, even though I'm well aware they do this every weekend. There was no detail missed. Brian and Carolyn could not have been more attentive to us leading up to the party, as well as at the party. They will for sure be my first phone call when it's time for my son's Bar Mitzvah!"

Jodie Bernstein

Our family moved to Florida shortly before my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I was so nervous

since I was not familiar with any vendors in the area. When I met Carolyn, Brian and Team, they set my mind at ease - I knew I was in great hands and that they would be the right people to carry out my vision for the party!

Fast forward to the Bat Mitzvah, and I could not have been more AWED and AMAZED by the beautiful décor that Carolyn and her team put together for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah! Everything was executed with excellence, and I couldn't have been more pleased. I feel blessed and honored to have worked with Carolyn, Brian and Team, and I highly recommend anyone looking for event décor to run fast and hire them; you will not regret it - promise!

Jill Hodes

Carolyn's Creationz and her entire team are an absolute pleasure to work with. This was the first Mitzvah we had planned, and we had not been to many in South Florida, so booking Carolyn was our first stop when we received our date -- and will be my first stop when we get our daughter's date! She was great with all of her suggestions and never pushy.

We were a full Covid Bar Mitzvah with the contract signed in Feb of 2020, and then Covid hit. Carolyn helped keep us optimistic and positive. When yet another variant hit and we had to reschedule the party three weeks before the actual event, she was amazing and took over everything from securing all the vendors with the new date, adjusting the logos and even getting the best DJ out of retirement!

Carolyn, Brian, Lauren and Chelsea made the celebration even better than we could have ever imagined and made it all about our son, which was our goal. The night was truly one to remember. People are still talking about our amazing event, and we want to give a huge thank you to Carolyn's Creationz!

The Rubin Family

Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn... what an incredible night we all had on Saturday. Everything was

perfect. You hooked us up with all the right people - some new to us and some wonderful, familiar faces, but all did an amazing job bringing Chelsea's Bat Mitzvah to life. On Facebook, Toni had reposted the pictures from Jack's Bar Mitzvah, and it took us back to yet another perfect night

that you made possible. I am appreciative that you were able totell me the hard truth when it was called for; that's what builds a trusting relationship. We are so grateful to Stephanie Feldman for recommending you to us back in 2019. It has led toso many wonderful milestone moments that we

will never forget.Big thanks to you, Brian Hurwitz, Toni Jade,

David Brown, Michael Meltzer and the rest of your incredible teams. We really did feel like guests

at our own parties and that, in and of  itself, is worth every penny. Now go make

someone else's dreams come true this weekend!


I have spent the last few days trying to find the words to adequately pay homage to quite literally, the BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. Warning... super long, emotional post ahead.


As we all know, trying to plan a Mitzvah under normal circumstances is a daunting task.

Add in the fact that this was my first ever and in the midst of Covid, and I knew I was in over my head. I had been to my amazing friend's son's Bar Mitzvah many moons ago and it was a fabulous event. I also knew she had worked for the Event Planner and loved her and that was enough for me.

I called and got the number for Carolyn's Creationz, and this is how the conversation went... "Hi,

I got your phone number from Laurie, my event is May 28, please send me a contract."

That night was the first night I had slept in months. From the first conversation, I knew I

made the right decision. Carolyn is a no-nonsense, make-my-client-happy-kinda girl. We ran into so many hurdles along our journey, from our original Rabbi giving our Mitzvah date

away, to a venue booking us on the wrong date even after payment was made, but she made

it all better and stayed calm, cool and collected. She never let me stress or freak out, despite my many attempts. She is the Mitzvah Whisperer. All through this journey she assembled

what I referred to as the DREAM TEAM. She was able to get me the BEST of the BEST and I

could not ask for more.


If you could hear pictures, you would hear the squeals of sheer delight. Carolyn and her team made all of our dreams come true and exceeded all of our expectations. Every time I looked around the room, I found something new to ooh and ahh over. It was breathtaking.


The Behind-the-Scenes-Bomb, Brian Hurwitz ended up not being just behind the scenes that night; you are a magic maker, you are a creative genius, a timeline wizard, an ultimate

problem solver, and above all else, a genuinely great guy. My only regret is not asking you

to grab me a plate of lamb chops to hide for later. LOL


Lauren Failla, my Sultan(ess) of Swag... I LOVE YOU! I know we were not easy. We were so wishy-washy and trying to get a straight answer out of us was challenging, but DAMN -- everything

turned out gorgeous!!!! Thank you for everything and for all the pep talks along

the way.

Sam, thank you for all your help the night of the party and for getting endless answers about

peanut allergies answered. You were a rock star! All of Carolyn's Gold Crown Crew, the night of, YOU ROCK!

And to my original Carolyn connection, Laurie Leavy, thank you for the introduction to the

best weekend of our lives and for all the texts and pony express deliveries. I love you!


In conclusion, I think this took me so long to write because writing this is the final page in

this book and I don't want it to end. The connections I made with these AMAZING people go so beyond this day. With the event being over, I almost feel like I broke up with my first love

and I am sitting by the phone waiting for them to call.


YES, they are all that fabulous. YES, hire them all. And NONE of you are allowed to retire for

at least three years because were are all doing it again for Jacob. Carolyn... send me the contract!  I love all of you so much!

Leigh Ann Roth

Carolyn, Brian, Samantha, Laurie and Lauren from Carolyn’s Creationz took a teen who couldn’t settle on one “theme” and gave him a little bit of all of his likes, but in a cohesive and classy way. All of the touches added up to a spectacular look that we loved.

You know we love you all, and we are so grateful for the two fabulous Mitzvahs you helped to create for our family.

Jessica Adelman

Carolyn and Crew…We can’t thank you enough for planning the most AMAZING Bar Mitzvah for Harris.  It was everything we dreamed of and more!  From the decor, to the food, to the entertainment, to the photography to capture our memories -- everything was perfect down to the last detail. Our friends and family are still talking about what a great party we had. Our family will always remember that night as one of the best nights of our lives.  If you are looking for someone to plan your party or event STOP RIGHT HERE!!!! Your search is over. Carolyn and her crew will make your party better than you could have even imagined it.


This was the second Mitzvah that Carolyn’s Creationz planned for us, including everything that goes along with it—luncheons, brunches, dinners, etc.  Her team is creative, professional, dependable and so fun to work with.  They take care of every detail.  Because of Carolyn’s relationships with incredible vendors including venues, caterers, photographers, DJ’s and entertainers she can negotiate prices with these vendors that you could never get on your own, potentially saving you thousands.  She will work with you and within your budget to give you everything you want. Again, I want to thank Carolyn, Brian, Chelsea, Lauren and the entire Carolyn’s Creationz Crew for their creativity and hard work to make our event magical. 

Fara Bender

I honestly have no words to adequately describe how happy we were with Carolyn and her entire team! She put us at ease immediately and was able to easily guide us through all the decision making and planning. Lanna's night was perfect from beginning to end with the

, amazing decor, and every detail was taken care of without me having to worry at all!! She and her team came up with the logos, pulled together amazing swag that the kids LOVED,

with all the vendors, and basically did everything possible to make it the best night ever!!!! Chelsea, the night of planner, was phenomenal. Brian put together an amazing brunch at

house the next day without me having to lift a finger. Reliable, caring, creative, thoughtful, the list to describe Carolyns Creationz is endless. Will definitely book again for my son!!

Thank you for giving my family and Lanna, most importantly, an unforgettable night!

Janelle Schor

I am still on cloud nine from our son's bar mitzvah party on Sunday night!  Like many families, we decided to postpone our celebration.  Without the guidance, brilliance, and expertise of Carolyn Levy Licciardi and Carolyn's Creationz I would have been completely overwhelmed and most likely abandoned the celebration altogether.

The service was held on May 29th with only immediate family in the sanctuary.  Carolyn was able to provide beautiful flower centerpieces for us for a small family luncheon.
Nine months later we were finally able to celebrate Samuel.  And what a celebration of was!  Carolyn and her crew (including but not limited to Brian S Hurwitz, Lauren Failla, and Laurie Chanin Leavy) worked tirelessly to help make our vision into a reality. 


From our first meeting with Carolyn and Brian, they took the time to listen to Samuel and truly get to know him.  Samuel's ideas were all over the place and they patiently helped him bring them into focus.  The same can be said for me...Carolyn's patience, guidance and empathy helped get me through some very emotionally tumultuous times.  Many tears were shed worrying about how the party would work out, especially as we were faced with the omicron surge just as the invitations were mailed out!  Whether via email, text, or phone, Carolyn was always there to talk things out, and most importantly not sugarcoat things.  You always get a straight shooter with Carolyn and that is much appreciated by someone like me.

I can't adequately describe my feelings when I walked into the room and saw all of our ideas and wishes come to life.  Carolyn created a party that was EXACTLY what Samuel wanted.  She allowed me to have the kind of party that I always dreamed of being able to have for my kids' bar mitzvahs.  I am overwhelmed right now just thinking about how blessed I am.

The custom banner, centerpieces, step and repeat open photo booth, t-shirts and lounge tables were absolutely beautiful and totally contributed to the "neon vibe".  THAT BANNER, though!  Carolyn took the insanely eclectic collection of what Samuel likes and created decor that was totally representative of him!  The kids absolutely loved the hooded zip up sweatshirts!  The s'mores bar was a highlight of the night, for sure.  Our guests loved it!  And of course I must give a HUGE thank you to Meg Friedlander and Dawn Schwebel for being the best on-site  coordinators!  They made sure the evening went off without a hitch and I so appreciate all of their hard work to make the night run smoothly.

Nikki Cohen

Carolyn and your Amazing Crew-

Wowowowowowow!!!! You took our vision and made it happen! We have had this event in the planning stages for several years. You stuck by us through the global pandemic, changing dates several times as well as dealing with a personal health issue in our family that shifted things yet again.

Thank you for your compassion, creativeness, attention to detail and being there on speed dial when we needed you. You and your team bent over backwards to make things seamless and perfect the day of.

At the end of the day our daughter could only say, “Oh, my goodness," and "Best day ever.” Ready to do it again.

Thank you!

The Ruggiero Family

I don’t know where to begin. I started planning my son Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah 2 years ago. I hired Carolyn Licciardi from Carolyn's Creationz as a party planner. I heard she was great but did not know how great until this week. She made all my dreams come true! Everything I had envisioned was built and created and the party went so amazingly smooth and seamless.


Her amazing staff led by her, Brian and Dawn were fabulous. Brian and Dawn anticipated my every need from getting there before we needed, setting everything up perfectly to getting me a bottle of water for the service so I could give my speech without choking up. Her team made the most gorgeous flower centerpieces with hydrangeas and red roses for the brunch and the Bima. Then they made the most amazing centerpieces that lit up using my sons logo for the night time party.


We had an Ohio State University color scheme and theme. She had Tammy Vahnish make us a humongous Ohio State Stadium wall that made it appear like the kids area was in the stadium. The room looked absolutely spectacular. She got us super fun games for the kids to play Cocktail games to play in the cocktail hour and beyond. She found cool new stuff like feather eyelashes and great glitter tattoos.


She and her staff were honestly a pleasure to work with and they made all of my wishes and dreams a reality. She truly outdid herself and after this event, I cannot recommend her enough.

Susan Fox

Wow wow wow!!! What an amazing party you helped me make!!! The decor was so awesome. Proud to be a Carolyn’s creationz two timer!!!! Next in 2023 I’ll be a three timer! Anyone who wants to have a really special party should contact Carolyn Levy Licciardi and her team!!!!

Sarrie Katz

Carolyn and the Creationz Crew,

I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how excited I am for Seth’s Bar Mitzvah in November.


In 2016 when I came to you as a single mom, alone, and desperate to give my daughter, Susie, a Bat Mitzvah like the rest of her friends (with married parents) would have, you scooped me up and put me in your heart and gave us the best party any 13-yead-old girl could have dreamed of.

Three years later I came to you still alone and desperate and you helped me yet again to make the best party for my son Joey.

Finally, 2 years later under better circumstances and a happier, more united family, I was getting remarried. I can’t even describe to you how beautiful and perfect that night was. Yet again, you made every dream come true.

Sooooo, I think this is going to be the last (and look how lucky I’ve been to have had so many thus far) until Susie’s wedding. My son Seth has watched every event with the anticipation of how wonderful his night will be one day. Well, that one day is coming up and I’m so happy that we get to do this one more time.

Thanks again for everything- let’s start planning!


Jenny Aron



I was on the fence in the beginning about hiring an event planner, but from the moment I met Carolyn I knew it was the right thing to do. She made me feel at ease through the whole process. Brian, my day of planner made sure I didn't have to worry about a thing and everything went seamlessly. Not only did we have a spectacular party, but I walked away knowing I had made a friend in the process. I will definitely recommend Carolyn's Creationz to all my friends and family.

Stacey Horowitz

My wife and I host a large event once a year, drawing a crowd in excess of 70-80 people. We’ve used several different events/party planners and have been pleased with most of them. But this next event was different.

A father’s first born becoming a Bar Mitzvah, is one of his most proudest moments of his life. So strategic planning is in order and everything must come together perfectly for this incredible day. With plans in order and everything in mind of how we envisioned the party to be; the question was, where do we begin? Who do we turn to? We were referred to “Carolyn’s Creationz”.

I’m going to get straight to the point. Carolyn is an artist; she took our ideas and created a masterpiece. She even took the time to have a conversation with our son, in order to get to know him and get an idea of what he actually expected and liked. She guided us with basic Jewish tradition ideas that we would have never thought of. Words could not express how incredible Carolyn is. Brian, Carolyn’s operations manager, was nicknamed “The Bar Mitzvah Ninja”. The day of the event, Brian was everywhere, doing everything. He was by our side if we needed him; he got us food when we forgot to take a moment to eat. Brian took the stress of thinking and doing during the event, so that we could enjoy every moment.

“Carolyn’s Creationz”, without question, created THE GREATEST party my wife and I ever hosted or even attended, and we would never have accomplished this feeling without this company. Here is a true and accurate review of this company. They do EXACTLY as they claim on their site. They “create and you celebrate.” THEY WILL MAKE YOUR VISION COME TRUE and make everything come to life.

Thank you for making Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah, the best day of his life. We look forward to using “Carolyn’s Creationz” for his brother Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah next year. See you soon.

Nir and Mandy Mordechay

Here's a little Bar Mitzvah story that could have ended in many ways but ended up being the most fantastic night: So I had 2.5 months to pull together a last minute Bar Mitzvah Party for my son William ( who originally wanted a trip but then changed his mind). I searched, I googled, I was this gonna happen?? Luckily, I came across Carolyn Creationz. The next day I took the hour+ drive out to meet Carolyn, rummage through her amazing warehouse full of inspiration and begin the Bar Mitzvah party process. I get there and it was immediate relief: she took over and the Creationz team- Lauren, Mike and Luis pulled together a party with unbelievable decor, fantastic dessert table and every activity that William requested. My photos speak for themselves but all I can say is that our night was perfect, my vision was played out to perfection and it would not have happened if I didn't find Carolyn and her crew. 

Kara Shaoul

Carolyn, I want to thank you and your team for your awesome work with Aaron's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for being reliable, patient, organized and incredibly creative. The pride you take in your work is apparent. You transformed a basic temple ballroom into a gorgeous nightclub full of amazing energy. The decor was perfect for our celebration. The centerpieces were amazing and exactly what we had discussed. The donut wall was the talk of the party. Having you guide me through the invitation process was easy and stress free. Your entire team was attentive and professional. We couldn't have done it without you and look forward to planning other events with your guidance in the future!

Alexander Katz

This is the second Mitzvah in 18 months that Carolyn’s Creationz has done for our family.  I didn’t think it was possible but you truly outdid yourself.  I cannot tell you how many of my guest commented that every detail of the décor was stunning.  Rikki and I loved working with you as Rikki’s Winter Wonderland came to life.  The room looked elegant and magical beyond what we expected.  You and your crew also turned a very large space into a beautifully intimate, cohesive party.  Every little detail was well thought out.  We did some things differently this time – I loved the new candy cart and the photobooth with just her logo instead of different backgrounds. The lounge flowed into the room and the centerpieces were just stunning.  It was exactly what we hoped and more.  We will see you in 15 years for the wedding rounds!!!!

The Siegel Family

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